Eileen Myles

1949 - / Cambridge / Massachusetts

London Exchange

I have utmost
respect for you
but in that
moment if I
were to
get out of
your way
instead of
walking up the stairs
to my home
I would have
no respect
for myself.
I didn't know
why you couldn't
understand this
when I told
you. Instead
you screamed
at me and
told me I
was rude. And
then you
said someone
of my
age should
know meaning
that you
were adding
to my crime
the fact
that I am
older than you.
What am I
to do. How
many days
have passed
and I
have no
reason to think
your ancestors
were stolen
from their
home in A-
and because
of my not
knowing that this
is true
but thinking
that it
is possible
it makes
me certain
that respect
next time
would be
for me
to step around.
I could say
quietly joining you
for a moment
in your
vast and
that was
my home
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