Edgar Albert Guest

20 August 1881 - 5 August 1959 / Birmingham / England

I Mustn'T Forget

I mustn't forget that I'm gettin' old,
That's the worst thing ever a man can do.
I must keep in mind without bein' told
That old ideas must give away to new.
Let me be always upon my guard
Never a crabby old man to be,
Youth is too precious to have it marred
By the cranky whims of a man like me.

I must remember that customs change
An' I've had my youth an' my hair is gray,
Mustn't be too surprised at strange
Or startlin' things that the youngsters say;
Mustn't keep the bit in their mouths too tight,
Which is something, old people are apt to do.
What used to be wrong may today be right
An' it may not be wrong just becoz it's new.

Want 'em to like me an' want 'em to know
That I need their laughter an' mirth an' song,
An' I want 'em near, coz I love 'em so,
An' home is the place where their smiles belong.
They're growin' up, an' it seems so queer
To hear them talk of the views they hold,
But age with youth shouldn't interfere
An' I musn't forget that I'm gettin' old.
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