Edgar Albert Guest

20 August 1881 - 5 August 1959 / Birmingham / England

Hubbard And Pelletier

TWO long-haired friends at table sat
And sipped some old Sauterne,
And each one sought throughout the chat
The other's tricks to learn.
'I see some dandruff on your coat,'
To Elbert whispered Roy;
Said Elbert, clearing out his throat:
'That's genius, my boy.'

'A goodly crop of hair you own,'
To Roy, then quoth the sage:
'Mine had not quite so bushy grown
When I was at your age.
I like the way you brush it back,
'Tis pleasing to the eye,
But one thing I perceive you lack,
And that's a flowing tie.'

'Why wear you such an awful thing?'
Then questioned Roy the Fra;
'Because it is distinguishing,
And men know who you are.
The hair and tie have marked me well,'
In confidence he spake,
'And Elbert Hubbard all can tell
Where'er my way I take.'

Not far from where this famous pair
Were chatting, sat a crowd:
Said one: 'That's Elbert Hubbard there!'
The voice was fairly loud.
'Which one?' exclaimed another then,
In still a higher pitch.
'The long-haired one,' he said again.
Said he: 'I know, but which?'
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