Edgar Albert Guest

20 August 1881 - 5 August 1959 / Birmingham / England

Aw Gee Whiz!

Queerest little chap he is,
Always saying: 'Aw Gee Whiz!'
Needing something from the store
That you've got to send him for
And you call him from his play,
Then it is you hear him say:
'Aw Gee Whiz!'

Seems that most expressive phrase
Is a part of childhood days;
Call him in at supper time,
Hands and face all smeared with grime,
Send him up to wash, and he
Answers you disgustedly:
'Aw Gee Whiz!'

When it's time to go to bed
And he'd rather play instead,
As you call him from the street,
He comes in with dragging feet,
Knowing that he has to go,
Then it is he mutters low:
'Aw Gee Whiz!'

Makes no difference what you ask
Of him as a little task;
He has yet to learn that life
Crosses many a joy with strife,
So when duty mars his play,
Always we can hear him say:
'Aw Gee Whiz!'
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