Edgar Albert Guest

20 August 1881 - 5 August 1959 / Birmingham / England

Answering The Usual Questions

My name is Johnny Vincent Brown,
I live on Leicester Court,
My Pa's not here, he's gone downtown,
An' I am three feet short,
An' I weigh sixty-three pounds, too,
An' I know my A, B, C's,
An' I say good-bye an' howdy-do,
An' yessum, yessir, please.

An' I'm a good boy all the time,
I do jes' what I'm told,
I like ter run an' jump an' climb,
I'm only four years old.
I don't like hair that hangs in curls,
An' I am fond of cake,
But I ain't got no use for girls
An' I hate stummick ache.

I like the baby that we've got,
I go ter Sunday School,
I say my prayers beside my cot,
I know the Golden Rule.
I'll be a man when I grow up,
I've got a dandy sleigh,
An' if that's all you want ter know
I'll skip along an' play.
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