Edgar Albert Guest

20 August 1881 - 5 August 1959 / Birmingham / England

A Wonderful World

IT 'S a wonderful world when you sum it all up,
And we ought to be glad we are in it;
The fellow who drinks from old Misery's cup
Gets the goblet of joy the next minute.
In a wonderful way
In the course of a day
Strange changes occur as by magic,
There are solemn and sad things
And joyful and glad things,
And things that are comic and tragic.

It's a wonderful world, full of wonderful things,
No two days alike in their passing;
Some new joy or sorrow the rising sun brings,
Some new charm the former outclassing.
And yesterday's glad
Are perhaps today's sad,
And yesterday's poor may be wealthy;
Oh, the changes are quick,
Even yesterday's sick
May today or tomorrow be healthy.

It's a wonderful world, for we never can tell
What for us has the morrow in store;
Things happen as though by some magical spell
That never have happened before.
And nobody knows
Or can ever disclose
What the joy of the future may be;
But of one thing I 'm sure,
Despite all we endure
'T will be worth while to hang on and see.
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