Edgar Albert Guest

20 August 1881 - 5 August 1959 / Birmingham / England

A New Year's Song

Love and laughter lead you
Down the pathways of the year,
And may each morning feed you
From the golden spoon of cheer;
May every eye be shining,
And every cheek aglow,
And may the silver lining
Of the clouds forever show.

May peace and plenty find you,
May pain and grief depart ;
And may you leave behind you
The little cares that smart;
May no day be distressful,
No night be filled with woe,
And may you be successful
Wherever you may go.

May June bring you her roses,
May summer poppies bloom,
And may each day that closes
Be fragrant with perfume.
May you have no regretting
When evening is begun,
No vain and idle fretting
O'er what you might have done.

May envy quit your dwelling
And hatred leave your heart ;
May you rejoice in telling
Your brother's better part.
May you be glad you're living
However dark your way,
And find your joy in giving
Your service to the day.
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