Ebe Lourdu

October 7,2000 - India
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A Beautiful Vampire

In the darkness of the night,
So cold, so chill, what a plight.
A faint figure lurking in the darkness,
A sweet aroma enters my nostrils.

The instant I close my eyes,
A voice whispers in my ears.
The intense breath it would leave,
A kiss of death none could heal.

The air so cold, what the heck,
A small pain, a prick on the neck.
The cold lips, I could feel,
Without any mercy, taking its meal.

My Body stunned with fear,
The cries none could hear.
My heart pounding so fast,
I wonder how much longer it would last.

The meal seems to be over,
Quickly did I rush and took cover.
From a small hole I did peak,
Feared, what if my sound would leak?

A faint smile, a pale face,
A beautiful maid, over the moons face.
Eyes so pretty, lips so red,
Skin so soft, I’d like to wed.

How I felt to be bold,
A story yet to be told.
Went to her, caught her by hand,
Kissing her till the very end.

Without any objection and rejection,
Continued till the sun’s manifestation.
A cute smile, and it was gone,
A cold night moved on.

The beautiful maid, soft as cotton
Scar on my neck, never forgotten.
The memory of the past lingers,
Looking forward to kiss her cold fingers.
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