Dr. Russell W. Nelson

Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA

Curse Of The Land

There is a curse in the land
That is racing time like the
drifting sand.
Men of great learning are being used,
Their Hypocritic oath being confused.
Innocent mothers come to them with
problems supreme.
All to wake up in a horrible dream.
And the wise men to Washington sent,
Forgot their reasons or why they went.
What sign from God must we see,
Before we come to reality.
Will we hear the battle cry,
Of all the babies that had to die?
Or will their spirits return to earth,
And join all those with the second birth.
Coming together so they can win.
The final battle over all this sin.
They may come as a thief in the night,
Joining Jesus who will make all things right.
This would heal all the mothers from near and far,
Who have been suffering with their battle scar.
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