Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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Yup, That's Me!

Music imprinted in my soul,
Art pouring out of me,
The one who is completely shameless,
Speaks what comes to her damned mind.

The one who swoons at Wattpad,
The one who dreams of US,
Head full of weird fantasies,
Daydreams of wine-tasting.

Running haywire, and hair a messy halo,
Puffy cheeks full of ice-cream and cocoa,
Brown eyes, that say more you can think,
And this innocent soul can ruin you in a blink.

The one, who thinks your time of the month isn't taboo,
The one who thinks, sweats and bra is no trouble,
The one who puts up silly poems on Instagram,
Hey up there, peeps! That's what is me.

The one who is a dirty chatterer,
Not so clean in her brain,
The one who gets back at you for a mistake,
The one who flares again.

You can't cage me,
My limitations are boundless; my energy and spirits,
endless, till death,
I rise and soar above the horizon,
I'm not so plain! Completely ardent!
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