Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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Toxic Feminism

She wasn't the same anymore, she'd never be again,
Young fires blazing, lit with the exuberance of youth,
Making her own definition, shaping the word,
She lived her life, no struggling to fit inside,
No cookie cutter sizes, not feeling anxious whether she fit or not,
Beauty radiating in the uniqueness of her self,
Defining herself, her ways to be,
And words? They were her slaves, not masters.

Not taking what was given to her,
She spoke for all, how resilient and strong women were,
Reshaping their perception, changing each meaning,
No curves, not skinny, she was not what they thought women were,
She was whatever the hell she wanted to be,
And to question her authority, nobody dares,
Collaborating men and women, rather than competing,
It was time to rise, every woman was a queen.

They tried to bury her, she crushed them under her feet,
It shone in the flash of her eyes, the joy in her feet,
Her stand intimidating the strongest of men,
Maybe she wasn't sensitive at all,
They were the biggest sleazebags? Yes,
She refused to let them talk for herself,
Changing the way the world perceived strength,
She was a woman, with her, the future was female.
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