Disha Shree

February 3, 2007- India
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The perfect sort of visual silence gave a revered awe,
A blanket of protection, heart beating quietly in steady rhythm,
It was simple, no thriving population, no signs of life,
Overcame all sense of purity, wiped out all desire.

With its completeness, it obliterated memories of the day,
With the thick cloud above, there was no hope from moons and stars,
Yet strong, deeply soulful in a way all absolute things were,
Bringing silent music of the universe from within my core.

It let souls free, let beauty radiate from within,
For the first time, I felt my edges, my skin,
As if they were the boundaries of the heaven I contained,
In it's pure, inky darkness, I was entirely myself.

Underestimated in the absence of it's color,
Still holding secrets of which you never imagined,
The fear of the unknown is the bane of humans,
Hell yeah, was the most elaborate form of numbing self-harm.
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