Aloo Denish Obiero

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Ubuntu: I Am because We Are

"I am because we are," a truth profound,
In Ubuntu's philosophy, our humanity's found.
Our shared existence, interconnectedness so strong,
In unity we thrive, together we belong.

To be truly human, the first maxim shows,
Recognize others' worth, let empathy flow.
In others, our mirror, humanity reflected,
Respectful relations bloom, connections perfected.

When choices arise, wealth or life to save,
Opt for life's preservation, the second principle crave.
For human value, far outweighs riches' gleam,
Thus, benevolence and compassion reign supreme.

Even the king’s power, the third tenet’s clear,
Springs from people's will, to whom he owes dear.
His status, a communal gift from voices below him,
Their will becomes his role, to uphold without a whim.

Solidarity's our strength, collectivity’s our might,
A life of sharing, a love life radiating light,
“Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu,” the Zulu recite,
Let’s live Ubuntu's truth, day and night.
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