Aloo Denish Obiero

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The Mighty Thought

The power of thought is like a flame,
Burning bright within our brain,
It starts with a seed in the mind's eye,
And grows into a vision that can touch the sky.

Thoughts shapes our world and guides our way,
Through every moment, every day,
For what we think, we bring to life,
With every thought, we change our strife.

Our own thoughts can build or break us down,
They can lift us up or leave us to drown,
Guard your thoughts with utmost care,
And choose prudently every thought you dare.

With positive thoughts we can soar,
And open up infinite doors,
With negative thoughts we can stall,
And create a life that feels small.

So let us harness the power of thought,
And use it for the good we've sought,
For in our minds lies the key,
To unlock the life we want to see.
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