Aloo Denish Obiero

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Let Dialogue Unfurl

Leadership wrangles, a nation in turmoil,
Chaos and confusion, no end to the quarrel,
As leaders fight and bicker, the people suffer,
Their hopes and dreams, lost in the clutter.

With each side fighting for control,
The nation's future, left in a black hole,
Their interests come first, the nation comes last,
The people cry out, but their pleas fall fast.

Deceitful politics, the norm of the day,
As leaders play games, and the nation pays,
Their egos clash, their hearts full of hate,
The nation's progress, grinds to a stalemate.

But there's a way out, a path to peace,
A way to heal, and let tensions cease,
To put the nation first, and set aside pride,
To come to the table, and let dialogue decide.

For conflict resolution, begins with a talk,
A chance to listen, a chance to walk,
In the shoes of others, and understand their plight,
To find common ground, and make things right.

So let us choose dialogue, over hate and strife,
And work towards a better future, a better life,
For our nation, our people, and our world,
Let us lead with wisdom, let dialogue unfurl.
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