D. Apollonia

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what we call death

Far away in another realm
beings dwell in all calm

Eons old, they forgot
what they are called

some of them stray
go off, go different ways

I am here to tell their tale
and how they walk through the separating veil

their gaze meets human eyes
they feel utter love, they feel surprise

so completely they engage
freeing the soul from it's body cage

we call it death but little we know
it's travellers far off their home

they love deeply and never let go
but bodies they don't know

familiar with souls alone
they don't have use for blood nor for bones

they do not ask nor do they barter
they won't give back or take another

it's the way things go since eternity
and will continue in all infinity

we deny and refuse to accept
remain with feelings of loss, bereft!

but all of us are travellers
so lets make this our journeys marvellous!

and surrender to when it's our time
to be taken by love so pure, so divine

(2017, 2019)
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