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the tower came crushing

This is very raw and hardly touched up. It wants to be shared. It's like a building that just came crushing down and you still see the dust hanging about.

the tower came crashing
shaking up life
smashing and crushing me alive

to crack me open
the shell that needs to leave
it protected me but now it’s a burden

dead weight it only procrastinates
softness is what’s in need
for the world to see

human, humane, vulnerable
tender, delicate and valuable
no gender nor agenda - in my pain I am elegant

a mask just shows creativity
in my anonymity I served tirelessly
I found self by pretending to be else

who am I rather than me?
what more could I do?
who else could I be?

tell me again because I forgot
can’t remember what you spoke
so speak, please say it openly

I am so scared truthfully
of being whole again in ME
being the most of what I am to be

surely I walk on earth
in this body I came to serve
with all the knowledge to perserve

please god protect me and guide me
tell me you love me, never leave me
I forgive myself for not having been me.

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