D. Apollonia

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love & eternity

I am a poet and a dreamer
with an ever lasting soul

all my words and my demeanour
are meant to make you feel whole

my smile carries sunshine
my embraces keep you warm

my touches of a nature divine
protect you from wild summer storms

my entrance room is filled with wings
one pair lies ready for you alone

go discover earth's nightly things
on travels of your own

break through all the thunder clouds
escape the traps and leave behind

things having clout
everything of your own tormented mind

don't be a captive
borders are not real

don't let yourself be caged
all feelings hurt can heal!

you roam the skies and fly
and in midair you wonder where?

let your own self rise high
trust it and it will get you there

where all your desires house
where bread feeds every hungry mouth

there no longing stands forlorn
and no emotion is torn

the daily bread is love
and at a ballroom door life smiles at you

beckoning you
to follow it through

in honesty
you may trade anything for free

simple - just be alive
follow your calling

do not worship
false gods of stalling

always glance twice
first deep and then wide

and unite

there and then on the curb
free yourself from what disturbs

stay true
to the words of the wise

then noone dares
confront you with despise

exercise smiling
and forgiving

do this with your whole heart
for all things living

and learn to make love
red and deep as the night is dark

and the might of your heart
shall be light

the brightest
crimson and burgundy

a lover
matching you in eternity.
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