D. Apollonia

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love eternally - forever to be

danger's lurking through mountains so white
treachery and plight!

hope galloping like a fair white mare
courage bolting like a stallion dare

the heart is mighty and soft
and we make love in my mind's secret loft

the worlds are ever-changing
and wars of old furiously waging

resurrected archenemies return
wanting for us to eternally burn

on artistry our survival depends,
so we resurrect old ever-lasting friends

bonds tied eons ago for sempiternity
sworn for one another - to always BE

I pray to all the gods I've ever served
hope to find this sacred turf

where sublime virtues are no thing absurd
and where neither time nor swords can hurt

for our LOVE to bind our LIVES together
for our LIVES to LOVE one another forever.
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