DaNeshia Sargent

October 16, 1996 - Alabama
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As I gaze upon its beauty, I am mesmerized by its dance.
It caresses my eyes with its smooth yet erratic movements.

When it dances, from it wafts a warm aroma
The scent wraps around my nose and awakens my body to new life.

Awaken by its smell, my mouth waters for the taste of it.
The taste of love and heartbreak are combined in it,
The flavor is bittersweet.

Its voice is bewitching,
Calling me to yearn for only its honeyed tones.

Listening to its harmonious song, my skin craves its touch.
Its embrace is cold, yet its core has the heat of passion
Creating a feeling of serenity within me.

It has no gender, but I see her as a woman.
It has no name, but I know her as Blue.
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