Dammika Chandani

March 13, 1967 - Colombo

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Oh Lisa, Mona Lisa
The mysterious creation
of his undeniable talent
you have stepped out
of that frame on the wall.
I knew it was boring,
you were fed up,
longing to have a change
to feel the real life.

You have dressed in style
Are you waiting for someone
Or you want to watch and enjoy
how all the men go crazy
in your mesmerizing smile
and magical gaze.

We all adored
hair colour you had.
The mahogany gold,
Invain you changed
Regal way you held,
whole world hypnotized
Everyone was entranced,
by your beauty enchanted.

Have a braek, enjoy the day .
Please go back, where you belong.
LOUVRE was deserted
without you around,
You lady of legend.

K. H. D. Chandani
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