Inverted Soul

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Exhausted Dump Truck of Thoughts

I go home
and feel like a ghost,
Just floating alone.

I'm stuck in my head,
It's to troubled to rest.
I struggle to find
what happens next??

My bodies in need,
of getting some sleep
or maybe my soul,
had just been released.

I think about things,
to many they breed.
About the things
that no one should think,

Hoping to find
some drive inside,
or just steer myself clear
I can't decide.

What should i do?
try on a new pair of shoes?
or just pick up the banjo
and start singing the blues??

Social distortion they say,
"That guys insane,"??
But the singing comes out
in the middle of rage.

Start clearing my mind
with a Dump Truck beside,
to sort out the garbage
so you won't run to hide.
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