Correina MacRae


Torn between what’s wrong and what’s right
Torn between you and I
I’m unsure of what you think,
I’m even unsure of my thoughts most times

So tell me how it is
In your opinion
So that my confusion goes away
Because to you I never know what to say

I don’t know whether to come or go anymore
Sometimes I love and at others I don’t
Sometimes I feel like you are the one
Then at other times I have no idea
With us of what will become.

I don’t know whether to believe you
Or if everything you say is a lie
Sometimes I don’t want you there at all
Then at others I need you more than anything
here by my side

I don’t know how to explain how I feel to you
Sometimes, I think well maybe I should
Give us one more try
Then at others I think...what a waste of my time...
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