Corey Alpough

November 22, 1994 - Houston TX
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Devil In a Dress

Let’s just take another sip. The feeling is far too good for me to want to dip. It fulfills all my needs, it makes the pain go away, yeah at times I might start to sway, but I don’t complain because I’ll still live to see another day. One, two, maybe even three. I can control myself so just let me be. I don’t see a problem with it, my life is just fine. There’s nothing wrong with sipping a little cup of red wine. It’s tasty, it’s sweet, and can be tangy too, you should try some cause only if you knew. Come on, take sip, and enjoy the flow. I promise you’ll love it so join the show. Watch how it makes you feel, all your problems will be gone. Might even drink enough to make love to this song. I love the feeling, trust me there’s nothing really better. I can drink so much that I start to fly like a feather. So I ask once again can you take a sip. Put it on your lips and enjoy this trip.

Nah I’m cool on the sip I think I’ll pass. I seen what it can do to your life in a flash. You think it’s cool now but it can get worse. You don’t want to find yourself being carried in a hearse. You see what your sipping can be a curse. Ain’t no happiness in that cup. You feeling good now but what about later. Emotions rolling through your mind you know you really need some savior. Depression, suicide, then you start to feel empty. Let me get up out of here cause the devil trying to tempt me. You can’t knock me off course do you know who on my side. Testing on his soldier yeah you got a lot of pride. See I knew who you was while you trying to hide, walking around the world all in disguise. All you do is tell lies. Look me in my eyes I can see that you phony, you can try all you want but you ain’t nothing but a one trick pony. So I’ll pass on the sip but can I thank you for the test. Let me tell my people that the devil wears a dress.
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