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Rises the Moon

Earth crumblin’, Stars spinnin’, The wind whippin’.
Her arms flailin’, grip on her sword slippin’.
Body spinnin’ while the Devil’s watchin’ and grinnin’
Wicked and wild, smilin’ ‘cause her time comin’.
His time bidin’.
'Cause this time he knew she’d be the one dyin’.
Lungs gaspin’ and heart poundin’ her mind tryin’
To find the divine might insider her that just might fight the fright fillin’
Her heart dark the light spillin’,
Dread deep it drillin’,
Bones cold and chillin’,
Tears drip drip drippin’
Desperately dreamin’ her mind lyin’
Unwillin’ to admit she was dyin’.

In the pitch blackness there is nothing.

But then rises the moon.
From the depths of hell like a phoenix unbelievably bright; helix of light shatters the night
Sky aglow, beams blindin’, Devil waxin’ bent agonizin’ below the radiant glow,
That flow,
From her.

Inspired by "rises the moon by Liana Flores"
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