Christofer Barbieri

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The Cards Place

Chortles and Chuckles,
Cheerful glee, remedy for symptoms of a worn down soul.
Deep Soft Chatter
Night goes deep until morning hours never does the energy dull.

Pit Still Burning
Blazing through the night providing a pleasing flare.
Birds start waking
Songs harmonize through the atmosphere

Music Loud Rhapsody
Tendency to invite feelings remembered from times gone by
Sun is Rising
Magnificent blood orange early dawn horizon cusps the blacken sky

The boys smoking
Sweet aroma, scent so familiar, laughter continues to bust
The girls gather,
Privy to each others stories, bonds of great trust

Weekend Just Beginning
These are the times remembered our entire lives
Escape the long week
From like molds, united within exquisite admiration, exclusive vibes

If summer nights could last forever,
There would be nowhere else to roam
Night after night Id be found by that fire,
Grateful for Tom Cards home.
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