Christofer Barbieri

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Sense Of Madness

There js a sense of madness,
In this changing world.
Can you hear the cries?
Are you able to see past yourself?'


Maybe now is the time you finally try to listen.
Skip your chatters of self righteous disposition.,
Pull the lids on your blinded eyes open,
Look beyond what you hold important.
You ignore the cries as if your world has wall,
You are me and we are them all.

Hell has a bridge that crosses over to the heavens,
Its, called truth, do you want to cross it?
You just continue to cling to your ancient imaginations,
The sun should be your true God, if we get down to it.
If that glowing ball of fire asked my advice,
Burn no more I would cry to the sky.

There js a sense of madness
In this changing world
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