Christofer Barbieri

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Again Friend

It's impetuous, the way you turn,
One day I'll be here no more.
You'll stand blameless in front of all,
Another reputation for you to burn.

It's dangerous, the words you say,
Never thinking past the moment you're in.
Excuses flow like an open tap,
Blame your yesterdays on what you do today.

It's curious, how you always repeat the end,
You never seem to think it all out.
You stand before me seeking pity,
Stay out of my head, not happening again.

I used to wonder, how could I ever make you mine,
I'd keep an eye on others you let come and go.
Now I am thankful everything worked out this way,
To see the real you it took all that time

You posses a heart dark like coal,
Truth from your mouth is unknown.
You have the beauty of a diamond,
It's all the deceit that surely grows much to old.

I once had hope, you could change
I thought maybe a lesson you would learn.
You repeat the same lies many times.
To see you happy would be very strange.

A friend you had to depend on, in me,
I wish I never cared for you at all,
I am happy so you try to intervene,
Being the only person you know to be.

Now I am begging you not to cross lines,
You have done this to me in the past,
Now I think I found my only one.
Please let me see if this love could shine.

I wish you would just go away,
A cancer you have become.
I will not be making the same mistake,
Not ever, not tomorrow, not this day
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