Christine Kuruvilla

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Pretty, Perfect Beautiful Smile?

Pretty, perfect beautiful smile,
Put up an act that makes everyone
Believe your worth their time,
Where a mask that will hide,
You from all their lies.

Sometimes I wonder,
What makes me?
Cause frankly I can no longer see.
I've been so caught up on acting
Like how they want me to be.

You know that no matter what I do,
it will never be enough.
“Stop putting up a strong face, acting so tough.
You know we have you,
chained in chains and cuffs”

Hide that hideous monster,
Never let it show,
Hide it even if eats your soul.
You know we will never let you be free,
So just act like how we need you to be.

Pretty, perfect beautiful smile,
Kill that monster you try to hide.
Just give it a try,
You might just satisfy,
The real bad guys.
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