Christen Kuikoua

Christen Kuikoua ( born Christen Kuikoua Keutchankeu on March 1st, 2007) Is an American actor, aspiring fashion model, singer, poet, Instagrammer, and Internet Personality.
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God’s Masterpiece

In the morn of days, when time was but young,
God’s gentle hands beheld, creation sung,
With heavenly art, each soul did He mould,
A masterpiece distinct, with roles untold.

For God, a Maker, more than mere mechanic,
Within each heart His love, panoramic,
With tender touch, He shapes every part,
Crafting beauty with a skilled, adoring heart.

No frigid numbers, nor equations cold,
Rather, a symphony of life, stories unfold,
He breathed the breath of life, unto my being,
With purpose and love, my spirit took wing.

In the tapestry of stars, my tale does twine,
A thread of hope, with colors undefined,
The graceful strokes, upon my soul’s tight scroll,
In His image, eternally I am made whole.

At times, I stumble, hues may turn pale,
Yet God’s love endures, never to fail,
In my bleakest hours, He holds me near,
Infusing strength, with boundless power clear.

For I am no mere equation to decode,
But a creation, evolving by grace bestowed,
A vessel of dreams, an ocean of emotion,
A living testament to God’s steadfast devotion.

His masterpiece, imperfect yet sublime,
In His eyes, a treasure of the divine,
Through peaks and valleys, He’ll never cease,
To hold me close, in eternal, tranquil peace.

Thus shall I embrace the path unknown,
Fearfully led by God in ways unshown,
With heartfelt gratitude and rivers unbound,
For I am God’s masterpiece — and He is mine renowned.
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