Chrissy Davis

June 17, 1979 - South Carolina
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You have a right to be mad as hell.
You have a right to stay fucking pissed.
You could easily let hate set in.
No one would blame you, you didn’t cause this.
You were cheated and no doubt the victim.
Carrying your black cloud is your prerogative.
I mean, who could blame you for being negative?
Everything that happened to you is so fucked up.
But I ask you, sweet girl, to take a deep breath, hold your chin up.
This devastation does not have to define you.
You are not cursed, you will make it through.
Choose to be happy, this is key.
Leave the pain behind, chose to be free.
Stay true to yourself, there’s a reason you were born.
You are majestic and unique - like a unicorn.
Girl, life has attempted to blacken your soul.
But the choice is yours, you have the control.
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