Bushra Zuberi

January 28,2009- Sharjah
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Covid-19— The nightmare

Empty classrooms
Abandoned desks
No eager chatting
No nervousness for tests

Offices are desserted
All alerted
And aware
Oh it’s so depressing
Worse than a nightmare

Some people who can’t
Work from home as everyone
Are there in these times
Since the pandemic begun

All those people
Named as “labours”
No one regards them as humans
Suffering as a tabour

Innocent children
Helpless adults
Walking and walking
Till their feet burn

Doctor’s shifts never end
Risking their lives
They work without a bend
Far from their children and wives

Cleanness workers
Working harder than ever
Throwing themselves in a bed of bacteria
So that we can sleep without fever

While we find it hard
To comfortably sit and make art
They suffer in lives every part.

While we are enjoying
Recipes of tart.......
They are pulling their family
And self respect in a cart

Let this piece of paper
Blotted with ink
Incline you to think..........
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