Bipin Singhal

July 17, 2000 - Kathmandu, Nepal

God's angel

"God's angel"

It's weird that I'm grieving
hey, it's Just the party i am joining
the celebration, the scent, the taste:
so fantastic, so magical, so divine

I've waited for so long
just to grieve on her wasp waist
they too have, and
when we pray, her soul awake, turn apart,
When we start feeding on her body,
purely sucking her dry,
O God, O my lord,
she is the creature from cloud
we are the creature from earth
Can't you see,
the meat we fry, yeah, we are so proud
can't you see,
how we are eating her,
O, her taste, her breast,
riding with us girth to girth,
O Brahma Vishnu Mahesh
can't you see
your angel can't breathe.

I'm now cured from my trauma,
we all are,
Now, I have a purpose, a melodrama
to push so far,
we, the demons of earth
gonna eat all your angels.
gonna drink all the Jar.
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