Ben Jonson

11 June 1572 – 6 August 1637 / London / England

On Giles And Joan

Who says that Giles and Joan at discord be?
  Th' observing neighbors no such mood can see.
Indeed, poor Giles repents he married ever,
  But that his Joan doth too. And Giles would never
By his free will be in Joan's company;
  No more would Joan he should. Giles riseth early,
And having got him out of doors is glad;
  The like is Joan. But turning home is sad,
And so is Joan. Ofttimes, when Giles doth find
  Harsh sights at home, Giles wisheth he were blind:
All this doth Joan. Or that his long-yearned life
  Were quite outspun. The like wish hath his wife.
The children that he keeps Giles swear are none
  Of his begetting; and so swears his Joan.
In all affections she concurreth still.
  If now, with man and wife, to will and nill
The self-same things a note of concord be,
  I know no couple better can agree.
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