Beatrice Knox

November 2nd, 2000- California
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Fall then Rise

Get up
Get up
I can’t
First 3 days
Sky goes to sleep
Tells me to fall into the rabbit hole
Takes my eyes away to sleep
Takes my mouth away for silence
Takes legs away to rest
Mind in an empty shell
Wondering what to think next
Falling deeper into the rabbit hole….
Last 3 days
Sky yawns at the dawn
Stretches its cloudy muscles and pulls the mind out
Gives my eyes back to view beauty again
Gives my mouth back to speak and sing my heart and soul
Brings my legs back to run, jump, and kick
Pushes me onto my magnificent, trusted, steed
Rushes me to drive to the ends of the earth
Always ready for a new adventure
The sky creates me each day
The sky kills me then brings me back to life
To remind me to believe anything is possible
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