Barbara Guest

1920 - 2006 / Wilmington, North Carolina, United States


Sleep is 20
remembering the
insignificant flamenco dancer
in Granada
who became
important as you watched
the mountain ridge
the dry hills

What an idiotic number!

Sleep is twenty

it certainly isn't twenty sheep
there weren't that many in the herd
under the cold crest of Sierra Nevada

It's more like 20 Madison Ave. buses
while I go droning away at my dream life
Each episode is important
that's what it is! Sequences —
I've got going a twenty-act drama
the theatre of the active
the critics are surely there
even the actors
even the flowers presented onstage
even the wild flowers
picked by the wife of the goatherd
each morning early (while I sleep)
under the snow cone
of Sierra Nevada

yellow caps like castanets
I reach into my bouquet
and count twenty
yellow capped heads

flowers clicking twenty times
because they like to repeat themselves

as I do as does the morning
or the drama one hopes
will be acted many times

As even these dreams in similar
people's heads


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