baby panda

December 10, 2001 - Malaysia
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trigger warning: this poem discusses what may be considered religious issues. these opinions are the writer's own opinions. read at your own discretion.

creatures of the earth
creatures of the sky
creatures from the down under
of humanity’s sty

must we be beautiful
to be worth something?
must we be worth something
to justify our existence?
must we justify our existence
to live with ourselves?

deities are draped
with pearly glory
humans are decorated
with lies and deceit
demons are veiled
with the debts of the damned
how much of a difference
is there?

we drape the wealthy
with shimmering gold
we decorate the army
with badges of blood and strife
we veil ourselves
with the weight of our debts
shying away from the spotlight yet
pointing fingers

a cacophony of
achieving naught but
the most superficial
the most profitable
the most strategic

and we forget
we are a damned race
we are
on our own
we forget that unity
is our only chance
at survival

we forget
basic human decency

how different are we then
from people who sell their soul
to the devil?
how can we be different
when we sell our humanity
to the same devil
wearing a different mask?
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