Ayatullah Nurjati

June 19, 1981 - Jakarta
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World's Wine Drinks Dry Desire

The tree dangles in all directions
Lush and green leaves seem to be in sync with the landscape amidst the bustle
of the city noise flanked by high-rise buildings
The ripe fruit seems appetizing to be enjoyed instantly
The air was now already felt stifling chest

Indeed, this city glistens with splendor similar to the composition of wine which is
the prima donna for its enthusiasts
The colors green, red, purple are good when the raw materials turn into wine,
they are only social starification and markers for the producing trees, similar to
their idols.
Many other trees are jealous of him, including coconut or palm trees, which
produce very little sweat, because from the start both of them knew what the
drops of sweat would produce wine.
But not the Vine which is always lied to in the name of health, even though on
the contrary, it is misused as a poison for homesick people who are lonely and
beset by problems
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