Ayatullah Nurjati

June 19, 1981 - Jakarta
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For My Lovely Son

I didn't realize I am getting old
Dusk and maybe dim like an incandescent lamp that runs out of electricity
I am not realizing this hair is now gray
Gray hair is similar to the petals of water guava that fall out sucked honey by
bees and even by the gentle wind in the dry season

I don't do much to prove that I'm a passionate person
A desire that sometimes I find it difficult to contain it
There are not many things I have done to prove that even though you are far
away, you are very close to my heart
My son, life is a bit harsh, but with continuous forging you will understand the
meaning of this life

My sun, pursuing a career or success sometimes requires a lot of sacrifices
The sacrifices you make will certainly not be in vain, because I never gave you
I can only give you knowledge that you will later achieve your success and I'm
sure of that
I'm a man and you're a man, be a tough person until later you will feel how
delicious and joyful it is to be a father, grandfather and husband who can provide
something meaningful for your family. I'm sure you can do that my dear
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