Aryan Bhardwaj

November 6,2003-karnal
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Friend, Are you?

Okay! Are you the one I know
or just I think I know

or are you pretending to know
and pretending to be known(by me)

Is it,the connection
when you want it to be

or is it something
that i fail to see

I've been there when you wanted me to be ....
or maybe even i was pretending
known or unknown to me............

For an instance, sometimes
bidirectional, it seems to be...

Don't know what it was
what, sort of connected
when we became friends

It shouldn't have been the situation
I'd have to recall that (connected to upper para)

Or maybe it's just me , thinking
and these things work this way
and things are same, pretty much schway

oh! sorry to bother ....
it's just me n my imagination

Oh! do you even Exist!
or you're my creation.......
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