Arthur Henry Adams

6 December 1872 – 4 March 1936 / Lawrence / New Zealand

To One Slain In Absence

AND so we parted, love, oblivious
That we were parting! With our laughter light,
Flouting the future, on the morrow bright
At our old tryst we would once more discuss
The wonder of our love miraculous:
While even then Fate waited, swift to smite.
So you have gone, large-eyed, across the Night,
And I stand straining widowed arms! Yet thus
I want your memory—no tears, no pain,
No presage of chill death, nor any fears;
Your wide glance bridging all eternity
With one calm faith. Is't not an augury
That somewhere in the tangle of the years
Your laughter and your lips I'll find again?
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