Aurelia Lucina Wealthberg

november 6, 2001-Algiers
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down we go

lost, lost, lost and lost,
alone, alone, alone and alone,
the little princess runs around, around around around and around
like a little black cat
creeping through the woods

she tries to find her way
she hears the calls
she hears the music and the chants
but she also hears the screams 6 feet down below.

everything is slow slow slow
and she feels low low low
then she's down down down
where she drowns drowns drowns
and further down she goes, goes goes
down the rabbit hole
until there is nothing left
and again, again, again and again;
round, round, round, and round;
goes her life and her mind

Like a screeching carousel
in a neverending nightmare
until the ride stops
and she gets off
then she finds blinding nothingness
as black as the queen of heart's hair
and as white as the rabbit's fur
or the Cheshire cat's teeth
empty, empty, empty, empty;

just like her soul.
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