Aras Acolipeps

May 9, 2007 - Sanibel Island
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The Sky is Blue

In spring, the colors twirl with light,
but softened blues evade my sight.
The blooms, they hover, paint the air,
as my world's palette begins to wear.

Hues of the sky and a lazy stream,
once so vivid, now a fading dream.
The vibrant greens dance in the trees,
and for me, they blur to hazy seas.

In spring, they hum for life's renew,
but shadows cloak what once I knew.
The colors fade, the shades, they blend,
a world so lost, I can't comprehend.

Yet, in autumn’s prime, a change of view,
colors burst, they emerge anew!
With rusted reds, ablaze in fire,
gold and orange, higher and higher.

Autumn's beauty, bold and bright,
ignites my day, restores my light.
A painted world, a radiant sight,
my chest no longer feels so tight.

The colors here will never fade,
in autumn's glow, they're finely made.
In every hue, in every tone,
my vivid world is fully shown.

Spring may call out sweet and mild,
yet in autumn's breeze, I’m just a child.
Colors shine, with life to share,
a world alight, vivid and fair.

And here in autumn's vibrant hue,
I find my peace in colors true.
Autumn's colors are never grim,
even as my vision dims.
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