Aras Acolipeps

May 9, 2007 - Sanibel Island
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I’m saying farewell for the third time.
I can hear wind blowing, the bells, they chime.
The first was so sad, it left me in tears,
but the second was joyful, I escaped all my fears!

This time I’m grieving,
crying and leaving.
My childhood dream,
Once felt supreme.

So many years of youthful arrogance,
caught in the dance of beauty and elegance.
I saw a chance for my freedom, a wondrous safe haven,
but now the bird of death flies above; a dark black raven.

My end has come, it’s time to go,
packing my bags as my heart screams, “No!”
Wishing today could last forever,
even with this dreadful weather.

I’m saying, “so long!” to a place I once knew,
when I could see that the sky was blue.
A hope, a dream, lost to time,
I forced my way, I began the climb.

I made the journey, arduous and far,
I followed the skies, I watched the North Star.
I made it here, to my home and my place!
Only to watch it die before my face.

Watching the sun as it starts to set,
Saying adieu to those I’ve only just met.
Seeing the ground with my own two eyes,
I’m saying my last, I’m weeping goodbyes.

To the room that was mine,
thanks for your time!
For your echoes and silence,
our quiet alliance.

To the red fire hydrant outside of my window,
though our time was short, you went with the flow.
Whether the moon was full or at its crescent,
you were a presence, so constant and pleasant.

To the bed that I slept in,
you were silence in the din.
No matter how loud it was outside,
you were there for me, even as I cried.

So, as the sun sets, I’ll walk out the door,
And one last time, I’ll say it once more.
To the person that I wanted to be,
goodbye and thank you for all you’ve given to me.
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