Antarah (Ant Ibn Shaddad

525 - 615 / Najd

The Eyelids Of Maidens

Behind their veils glimmer apparently
As if the sharp blade of the sword stabbing my heart fiercely
If they are unsheathed, the brave man becomes coward readily
And his eyeholes turn ulcerated replete with tears shed heavily
I wish God would quench my uncle the cup of death bitterly
His hands turn palsied after his fingers were amputated totally
As he sends me to the death, the escape is hardly
He promises me in what I am desirous of eventually
Abla has said farewell to me when I intended the departure
She was some sure that she would not see me on future
? She wept and said! How do you do if you are naked
? What will happen then if you are on the wide desert settled
By your honour, I did not try any comfort is accessible
My passion toward thee love on all my life is unchangeable
You cousin be sure of my sincere cordiality
You lover be soft on pleasure without anxiety
I said to her; hereinafter should I travel either alive or dead
Even if the sharp swords impede my way, I shall go ahead
We were born for the sake of this love formerly
Therefore, I think this love will not die since it is eternally
O, you the optimistic place, really! I come back alive
Then I see on its both sides the annual flowers revive
I wish my eye saw both hillocks and the adjacent lively location
However, it can see the rest of people in that verdured situation
Then we live along with on our favourable places do not separated
In those certain verdured sides, we would be happy and delighted
By God, thou the breeze with the oily ben odor are scented
Reach Abla and inform her about the places had I reached
O, lightning, inform her on this morn my greeting
As well as any place had I rest there and my dwelling
O, chanting birds if I die mourn nearby my tomb right after
Lift my soul with thy wings to be in heaven settled forever
Weep and mourn about who dies aggrievedly without reason
Do not gain only the lover's torture and the pain of separation
And you horses cry about your horseman abundantly.
This who throws oneself into battlefield's dusts bravely
You should be acquainted 'soul' to the humiliation suffering thy passion
You may be tied with heavy bonds of a familiar slavery fashion
Never will I cry if my fate has come manifestly
May be I mislead then shed tears spontaneously
It is not pride that I state my bravery or severity on each assembly
While my fame everywhere is celebrated widely
By platonic love, do not blame me and stop thy talkativeness
Blame never has benefit or any dependable seriousness
? How can I endure the unbearable patience of this lover
.Since the passionate love enkindles my ribs moreover
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