Antarah (Ant Ibn Shaddad

525 - 615 / Najd

O, Dwellings Tell Me; Where Your Inhabitants Are Going?

And to where their cameleers proceed along or halting?
Yesterday thy place showed sociable deer played joyfully
.But today the craws caw instead of them gloomily.
O, Ablah's dwelling where Ablah's tribe is camped.
After the camels had conveyed them far away and vanished.
All pigeons cooed after the people had departed.
As well as the Ben-oil tree due to its misery had cried.
The essence of each homeland is the souls of its inhabitance
.If they went away, the bodies will cry them in variance.
O, fellow ask Ablah's verdured locations on the wilderness display.
Be witty if you ask! Does the place have any tongue to reply?
O, Ablah the reunion had lasted several delicious nights
Followed by the darken days which overcast the shining lights.
If only the dwelling have the choice to answer!
Where are people settled later?
O, bird that slept its night crying about its fellows was 'grieved
'Did not know what the matter is! Only it is bewildered.
If you were as me, no longer would you pride about your colourful shape
.Yet the branches have not shaken to you otherwise you cannot leap.
Hardly you can find lover whose heart is peaceful
.Since he suffers the ardent love, his heart is sorrowful.
O, bird borrows me your wing and I give you my tears instead
.Even if I die, the tears still shed without stopping indeed.
Therefore, I could fly to Abla asking about her place
If the flying were possible, I would prove this case
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