A.F. Sh

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Oh Sweet Sweet Lies

'Tis the truth we despise,
For lies be lullabies to our heart,
A melody you can't forget, a soothing
disguise that tears our world apart.

We dance to the rhythm of deceit,
In blissful ignorance thus sway,
Our senses dulled, our minds defeat,
How you let the lies lead the way.

The truth is a bitter pill to swallow,
A harsh reality you'd love to ignore,
So go wrap yourself in a cozy hallow,
And pretend it's not at your door.

But oh the lies, the lies we cling to like a lifeline,
Bastard chains that keep us bound
and trap us in a world of decline,
Where the truth can never be found.

'Tis the truth we despise
for lies be lullabies to our heart.
But in the end, it's our own demise,
That tears our world apart.
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