Aman Chowdhry

Born in New Delhi May 30, 1979
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As the darkness grips us (COVID-19)

Oh my gosh! We played with mother nature,
& now mankind is under threat.
Tust me! If we don’t join hands,
very little will be left to regret.

This darkness is not new,
we have come a long way.
Mantaining hygine and no socialising,
is all the way to practise each day.

Check out! Shops have in plenty,
enough food & medicines on the shelves.
Countrymen stop panic buying,
thinking only about our own selves.

Common!! Lets fight COVID-19,
& not stop for crying.
As all that we have progressed is by
never giving up & keep trying.

As the count of who get affected,
is rising each day.
Lets rise above the hate & fear,
& live life the compassionate way.
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