Spooky Panda

Silence after the storm

Can you hear it, distant rumbling
The birds chirp in confusion and fear
As rain drops slowly fall in thousands
The grey and moody sky flashes with light
Leaving behind a distant echo

As the sun falls beyond the horizon
As the rain continues it's migration from the sky
A heavy rumble resonates from outside
As darkness slowly consumes my reality
The light from the heavens shine even brigther

As the last light from the day fades away
The thunder gets more abundant
The bushes and trees shake from the wind
Small water drops landing on their fragile leaves
The birds continue to chirp as the storm rages on

The sky cracks, seemingly about to come down
As I look up at the grey clouds passing by
I feel more distant than ever before
They are so far, yet they feel so very close
My heart longs to touch them, an impossibility

Something so violent and powerful
yet so elegant and gentle at the same time
As the rain falls, my room feels more and more empty
Each individual drop tells a different story
Where it came from, where it will go, what will become of it

The storms rain showers my world
cleaning my soul and mind
An ornate to the outside
A whole new world unveiled before my eyes
But as the moment comes, the rain settles and silence begins to take a hold

As the clouds brigthen up, the evening wind drags these memories away
A great storm once upon me, now only a memory for years to come
The trees and bushes, still as before
The only remnants of my experience being the distant echos of thunder
As everything disappears I withdraw back into the comfort of my mind

Darkness comes to comfort me, the silence to give me rest
The birds are quiet, and the sky silent
An experience so magnificent, to be questioned of it's existence
My shelter from the world is all I have, but maybe it's time to let the outside world in
As this experience fades and the night comes, the warmth in my heart only grows stronger
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