Alexander Jakobsen

Born 1999

See you tomorrow!

It was fun today, let's talk again tomorrow!
Haha, yeah let's! See you tomorrow marcus!
If only I knew that was the last time we would see each other
I would have given a better goodbye
And fought to play together for just another day
But I was never given the chance

Nobody really liked you in school
You never were the popular one
but that was okay, for neither was I
you fell one day while playing football with the rest of the class
everyone just laughed at you in that pathetic state
I extended my hand to help you up, it's alright I said, don't worry about them

Time has caught up to our childhood selves
Things aren't like they used to be my friend
For all that it's worth we are adults now
But I can't help but long after our memories together
We were best friends, years worth of friendship gone in just a day
Whatever happened of you if only we could talk one last time

You and me at the outskirts of our little town
Sitting on that bench near the water
A sight that will never be
When I sit there from time to time
All I see is the ghost of what could have been
But then my own sorrow draws me back from my longing

No matter now
I am sure you have your life and I have mine
But I feel like a hole in the wall
An oil painting of you and me walking home from school obstructing my view
On our way home to play on your PS2
Birds chirping, sun shining and not a care in the world

The moment may only last that, a moment, but the memory is forever...
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